How an Improper Refrigerant Charge Affects Your Air Conditioning System

ac designs team

There are a lot of ways that a poor air conditioning installation can affect the performance of your system. Bad duct design or installation, improper placement of thermostats and a plethora of other problems may converge to reduce the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability with which your system operates. An improper refrigerant charge, though, is one of the most troublesome. If your air conditioning system is not installed with the proper refrigerant charge, you can expect a number of different problems to develop. Here are a few examples of how an improper refrigerant charge can affect your air conditioning system.

If you experience problems with the coils of your air conditioning system icing over, a low refrigerant charge may be to blame. When your coils ice over your air conditioner is not able to cool your home properly, and forcing your system to operate under such conditions will only lead to more serious problems. Any signs of icing should be addressed by a qualified air conditioning repair technician.

You may also notice that your air conditioning system is overheating, reaching internal temperatures that trigger it to shut down. Again, this issue can lead to further, more complex problems and cannot be ignored. When your system overheats, it can actually be the result of low or high refrigerant levels. This means that an improper charge at the time of installation or a refrigerant leak could be to blame. Refrigerant may also be lost during unrelated AC services, so make sure that your technician is measuring the refrigerant for a proper charge prior to putting your system back into use. Refrigerant leaks can also have a negative impact on the environment.

The refrigerant in your air conditioning system plays a vital role in its operation. To learn more about the negative impacts that an improper refrigerant charge can have on your AC, contact AC Designs, Inc. We can answer any questions you may have, and our Jacksonville, FL air conditioning technicians can resolve any problems your air conditioning system may develop.