How a Cooling Load is Calculated

ac designs team

A cooling load represents the amount of heat that your air conditioner needs to remove from the house to make it comfortable. That plays a huge role in determining the size and capacity of your air conditioner. Air conditioning in Daytona Beach can cost a great deal – especially when our summers arrive with their heat and humidity – and calculating a proper cooling load is the best way to ensure that yours doesn’t cop out just when you need it the most. Professional service technicians can perform the proper equations, but it helps if you know the basic steps for how a cooling load is calculated.

In the first place, there are two different types of cooling load in the total equation: sensible loads and latent loads. Sensible loads deal with the air temperature and can be influenced by such factors as window, sunlight exposure and insulation in your home. Latent loads factor humidity into the equation and include such considerations as cracks around the doors and windows, and the presence of appliances that may increase or decrease the humidity levels. Both load types need to be addressed by your AC system.

The old rule of thumb was one ton of air conditioning capacity for every 400 square feet of space that needs to be cool, though that number has recently risen to one ton per 600 feet of cooling space. The factors of your specific home may adjust that number up or down. Usually the load has to be split between latent and sensible, with sensible getting about 70% or the load and latent getting about 30%. Here in Florida, we need to alter that balance in many cases, since humidity is as much of a concern as heat out here, and latent load thus needs a larger percentage of the total load.

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