Here Is How Professionals Perform Duct Cleaning

ac designs team

Calling professionals for duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL will help you have cleaner indoor air and a more efficient and effective HVAC system. Duct cleaning specialists come equipped with special tools to get this job done, so leave the work in their capable hands. Contact AC Designs Inc. for skilled duct cleaners ready to take care of your ventilation system.

The way professionals clean ducts

Duct cleaning requires more than sticking a vacuum hose into an open vent. Ductwork is extensive, and dirt that can get ground into it is resistant to standard “scrub and suction” methods. Duct cleaners must take a different approach.

To clean your ducts, technicians will bring into your home an immense power vacuum, which doesn’t simply suck up dust, it also places whole areas of the ducts under “negative pressure.” The technicians place the power vacuum near your HVAC system, shut off the blower motor, and then cut a hole into the main duct leading from the HVAC system into the ductwork. They attach the wide end of the vacuum to this hole and seal it, then activate the vacuum to put the entirety you ventilation system under negative pressure. This dislodges dirt and floats it away from the walls. The technicians then turn on the suction, and the vacuum collects the freed dirt, dust, and grime.

If necessary to dislodge other debris, the technicians will use powerful rotary brushes on long lines to reach inside and agitate the debris from the walls, then use vacuum power once more. After this, cleaners may use deodorants on the ducts (which aren’t harmful to the air) as a final cleaning touch.

How often should you schedule duct cleaning?

Aside from when you know you need it (as we showed at the beginning of this post), duct cleaning is something you should have done every one or two years, based on the advice of your cleaners. You can’t stop dust from gathering inside your ducts, but you can have it cleaned out regularly.

To schedule duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, contact our air quality specialists at AC Designs Inc.