Air Conditioning Tip 4 : Reducing Noise Levels

ac designs team

Air conditioning systems are a staple of life, particularly in towns like Daytona Beach, FL, which experiences hot, tropical weather. As nice as AC units can be, however, and as comfortable as they make our homes, we sometimes have to deal with some noise in exchange for our cool air. The motors and fans in an air conditioning unit need to run for the system to function, which means a certain amount of noise is inevitable. You can take steps to reduce the noise levels, however: allowing you to enjoy the cool air in peace and quiet.

The most direct solution is to simply replace your older unit with a newer and more efficient one. Newer units implement updated technology that lets them run more quietly. Furthermore, newer units don’t have worn or outdated parts, which can create more noise than they should as they age. Upgrading also allows you to consider noise-reducing options like a two-stage compressor, which can run at lower levels when the temperature isn’t quite so high (with an attendant reduction in sound).

If the noise is being caused by one specific component, you may be able to address the issue by replacing it with a newer component. For instance, if the fan blade is bent or unbalanced, it may make more of a noise than it should. Replacing it with a newer blade, or even just having a service tech tighten a loose fitting, can resolve the issue.

In a pinch, you can ask a professional to discuss the use of a compressor blanket, which wraps around the AC unit and drops the noise levels, or even constructing a small fence around the outdoor unit, directing the noise upward and reducing its impact in the home.

If your air conditioning is too loud for comfort and you want to talk about your options with a professional, contact AC Designs, Inc. for help. Our trained experts can assess the situation and find a solution that fits your particular needs. We serve all of Daytona Beach, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!