Checklist: HVAC Summer Maintenance

Checklist: HVAC Summer Maintenance

High temperatures and humidity in the Jacksonville area mean it’s time to think about HVAC summer maintenance. Performing maintenance tasks help your HVAC system run more efficiently for lower energy bills and reduces the risk of repairs. Keeping your system in excellent condition helps ensure that you can look forward to walking into a cool home throughout the summer months. Use the following checklist while doing maintenance on your HVAC system this season.

Put in a New Air Filter

Air filters trap allergens, dust, and other particles, which prevents them from entering your home through vents and improves your indoor air quality. When these filters are dirty or covered with these particles, your HVAC system doesn’t run as efficiently. Replacing your current air filter with a new one is a simple maintenance task to perform this summer. You should check your air filter about once a month and replace it as needed, which can range from each month or every few months.

Clear Space Around the Outdoor Unit

Your HVAC system’s outdoor unit should have a couple feet of space around it on each side. This lets air move through your HVAC system without any obstruction while it’s running. When airflow is blocked, such as by vegetation or other debris, this can damage components inside your outdoor unit and cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently. If the damage is severe enough, your air conditioning could break down. Remove weeds, trim bushes and shrubs, and clear away any other debris or vegetation that is too close to your outdoor unit.

Wipe Down Fans and Vents

Dust and debris can build up on exhaust fans and vents throughout your home. When your air conditioning runs or when you use your exhaust fans, this dust and debris can then blow around your home. Wipe down vents in your home, and remove and clean the covers of exhaust fans with soap and water to remove debris and dust.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

While you can do some maintenance tasks on your own, having a professional handle HVAC maintenance helps ensure that your air conditioning works efficiently all summer long. Our home comfort experts at A/C Designs can provide you with dependable summer maintenance for your HVAC system. This includes inspecting your system, identifying early signs of problems that could affect your system, and handling these issues before damage occurs.

If you need HVAC maintenance or other HVAC services in Jacksonville this summer, contact A/C Designs today.