Call for Air Conditioning Repair if You Hear These Sounds

ac designs team

Like a lot of cities in the area, Jacksonville, FL, relies on air conditioning units to survive the summer heat. When you need to call for air conditioning repair, you don’t want to dawdle, lest you’re left without options when the next heat wave arrives. One good indicator of a problem with you air conditioning system is an unusual noise or sound when you turn it on. Generally speaking, you should contact a qualified service technician if you hear any kind of sound coming from your air conditioner that departs from the norm. More specifically, you should call for air conditioning repair if you hear any of the following sounds:

  • Hisses: Caused by a possible leak in one of the lines, or possibly a faulty air compressor.
  • Buzzes: Caused by a bent fan blade, twigs or similar detritus in the vents or a malfunctioning motor.
  • Rattling: Caused by loose hardware in the system, an improperly secured component or a motor that is malfunctioning.
  • Bubbling: Caused by leaking refrigerant or possibly problems with the condensate drain line.
  • Electrical noises, such as humming or buzzing: Caused by loose or frayed wiring or problems with the electrical contacts.
  • Squeals or screaming: Caused by problems with the fan belt or the heat pump compressor.
  • Whistling: Cause by air leaks, most likely in the ducts themselves.

Regardless of the precise sound, it takes a trained professional to resolve it. As the list above indicates, the potential issue could be one of many things. A qualified professional can use the noise as a clue to the exact problem, then track it down and implement an appropriate solution. In the heat and humidity typical of Jacksonville, FL, air conditioning repair services need to implement those solutions quickly. That’s where the experts at AC Designs Inc. come in. Our experienced service techs can handle a wide variety of issues, and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to set up a service call.