Are Bioaerosols Affecting Your Air Quality?

Are Bioaerosols Affecting Your Air Quality? | A/C Designs

Bioaerosols in your home can be damaging to your family’s health. There are a few ways you can effectively minimize their presence and breathe better in your home.

What are bioaerosols?

Bioaerosols is a term used to denote biological aerosols, which are microscopic biological particles in the air. Some of these particles come from other living organisms, such as plant pollen and pet dander, while others are tiny living organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Bioaerosols can come into your home from a variety of different sources, including:

  • Pets
  • Food waste
  • Dirt
  • People sneezing or coughing

No matter where they originate from, bioaerosols can thrive in humid environments. Humid indoor air provides the perfect conditions for them to breed and multiply.

Bioaerosols and your health

The effects of bioaerosols on a human’s health can range from annoying to very dangerous. On the mild spectrum, bioaerosols can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms, and cause mild to moderate breathing issues. On the severe end, certain bioaerosols such as mold spores can lead to serious respiratory issues.

It’s important to note that while some of these problems may have little effect on healthy people, those with compromised immune systems must be especially wary of issues caused by bioaerosols. People who have weaker immune systems such as infants and seniors are particularly vulnerable to the effects of bioaerosols in the home.

Improving air quality through filtration systems

There are measures you can take to reduce the concentration of harmful bioaerosol compounds in your home. The most effective tactic is to make the environment inside your home as inhospitable as possible to them. Since they tend to flourish and multiply in humid environments, having systems in place that help you control the humidity levels of the air inside your home is crucial.

The use of dehumidifiers is one way to improve humidity levels within the home. You can also install air filtration and air purification systems in your home that can reduce the levels of certain bioaerosols in the air. Air filters and air purifiers help to capture and eliminate pollutants in the air, and ultimately improve the quality of the air you breathe every day.

If you are looking for ways to improve the air quality within your home, get in touch with our team of air filtration experts at A/C Designs. We have been serving the Jacksonville community for over a decade. Trust our experienced technicians to inspect your home environment and provide a customized solution to help remove many of the harmful bioaerosols from your air.