Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat | A/C Designs

These days, it seems as though there is some sort of “smart” technology for every component in your home. Swapping out your traditional thermostat for a smart thermostat is one of the most cost effective smart home decisions you can make.

Cut Down on Energy Costs

Having a Smart thermostat is a great way to reduce your energy costs. A smart thermostat gives you more control over your HVAC system than any other type of thermostat can. You can easily program your thermostat to adjust the indoor temperature, even while you’re away from home. You can simply open an app on your smartphone and adjust the temperature in your home remotely.

Receive Important Alerts

Many smart thermostats will even allow you to set up alerts if your indoor temperature drops below a certain level or reaches a maximum level, thus alerting you to potential issues while you’re away.

Enjoy Regular Reports

In addition to alerts, some smart thermostats will send you weekly or monthly reports so you can get a better idea of your HVAC system’s usage and efficiency. This can also help you have a better idea of what your energy bills will be each month before your bill even arrives. In some thermostats, these reports will even include information on when your HVAC system is due for maintenance or for a new air filter. This is a great way to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently while potentially avoiding expensive repairs down the road.

These are just a few of the best benefits to installing a smart thermostat in your home. To find out more about today’s best smart thermostat offerings, or to schedule a service request or replacement appointment for your home’s air conditioning, contact the professionals at A/C Designs. A/C Designs has been providing Jacksonville and the surrounding areas with high quality a/c and heating services for many years. Trust your home’s air and comfort level with our skilled and certified technicians.