Benefits of Wireless System Controls in Daytona Beach

ac designs team

The earliest thermostat controls for home comfort systems were manual models that used sliders and dials. Although these thermostats are adequate for basic setting of temperatures, they lack precision and will prevent homeowners from making the most efficient use of their heaters and air conditioners. Modern technology has moved far past these basic thermostats to full system controls that give you enormous power over your comfort level and how your HVAC system uses energy.

One of the advanced options you have for comfort system controls in Daytona Beach, FL are wireless models. With a wireless thermostat set-up, you have multiple advantages that go beyond even the most advanced programmable thermostats available.

To find out more about installing wireless system controls for your home, talk to our thermostat specialists at AC Designs Inc. We’ve helped cool and heat Daytona since 2003.

Advantages of Going Wireless for System Controls

  • Control from anywhere: With a wireless system, you not only can control the temperature and energy use in your home from any room, you can control it from anywhere that you have Wi-Fi access. Use a remote desktop computer, a laptop, cellphone, or tablet to access the controls from thousands of miles away.
  • Smart thermostat: Wireless thermostats are “smart” thermostats, which means they have AI programming that allows them to learn from your patterns to find the best way to bring you money-saving heating and cooling. Smart thermostats adapt and develop patterns that match your comfort needs in ways you might never have thought of. They also provide you with readouts of your energy savings to help you move toward an even more energy-efficient system: they will show you where the power is going and how much is used, assisting you with future decisions about energy use.
  • Freedom of placement: A wireless set-up for system controls means that if you use multiple thermostats for zone control it is much easier to place the thermostats where they will do the best job without worrying about wiring them to each other.

Wireless smart thermostats are complicated devices, so you will need to have specialists handle the installation: a poorly set up wireless thermostat will not be able to give you all the benefits that it should, and may end up causing the AC or heater to operate incorrectly. For excellent installation of wireless system controls in Daytona Beach, FL that will give you the optimum comfort and savings, call AC Designs Inc. today. Our NATE-certified technicians will make sure you are satisfied with your new system.