Benefits of Rooftop Units

ac designs team

In the world of commercial HVAC systems, rooftop package units dominate. They are so common that people who know nothing about commercial heating and cooling still automatically know that the devices that perform the job are located on the roof of a building. (Although most of these people probably know this from watching rooftop chases and shootouts in movies where heroes and villains use the rooftop HVAC units as cover.)

What makes rooftop units so popular? They offer some excellent benefits, and we’ll look at a few of the reasons that you should consider installation of rooftop units in Daytona Beach, FL for your company.

Of course, an HVAC system is only as good as the work done to install it, so when you are ready for your new rooftop packaged units, call AC Designs Inc. and let our more than 10 years of experience take care of the task. We will make sure you have the right system doing the best job possible.

Why Rooftop Units Are So Beneficial

  • Packaged unit convenience: Rooftop units are packaged units, which means they are unlike the “split” systems often seen in homes and smaller businesses that use an indoor and outdoor cabinet. All the component for heating and cooling, including both the evaporator and condenser, are housed inside a rooftop unit, making them easier to install and service. They also save space because they do not require an indoor cabinet.
  • Attractiveness: No, we don’t mean that rooftop units are attractive-looking; they are functional items in appearance. But if you have them housed on the roof of your business, they will make the working areas below more attractive to customers and clients, keeping the space around the business free from industrial-looking machinery.
  • Modular: Rooftop package units are designed in modules, so whenever you need to add more heating or cooling power to your business because of expansion or redesign, you won’t need to scrap the old system and replace it with a new one. You instead can place a new module on the roof to add power to the current one. Modules come in a great range of sizes, from 5-tons to 50-tons of cooling power, so you can choose the exact size to accommodate your expansion.
  • Protection from damage: Being Located up on the roof removes the potential that they system will sustain damage from vandalism or other human interference.

Call for Commercial HVAC Specialists

You must have commercial experts handle the installation of commercial HVAC units in Daytona Beach, FL, otherwise you risk an inefficient and poorly-sized system. AC Designs Inc. can handle the work for you, and we also supply excellent repairs—any time of the day or night—and regular maintenance service. Give us a call today.