8 HVAC Tips for 2020

Jacksonville’s climate, with its frequently-fluctuating temperatures and high humidity levels, can make HVAC maintenance a challenge. Fortunately, engaging in some regular preventive maintenance can often help you avoid big-ticket repairs. This article will explore 8 ways you can optimize your HVAC’s performance in 2020.

#1: Check and Clean Your A/C Filters

Filters catch dust, dirt, and other debris and keep it from circulating through your HVAC system’s components. But as these filters become clogged, they slow down airflow and make your a/c much less efficient. By cleaning these filters on a regular basis and replacing them when they become too dirty, you’ll give your HVAC the airflow it needs to keep working properly.

#2: Clean Debris From the Unit

Your a/c unit can often pick up leaves, twigs, and other debris over the course of the year. It’s important to periodically clean this debris out to prevent any damage to the compressor, fan, or other components.

#3: Move Your Thermostat to a Neutral Area

If your thermostat is near lights, a stove, sunlight or other sources of heat, it may not be able to communicate an accurate temperature to the a/c unit. By putting it in a neutral area with plenty of ventilation and minimal direct light, you’ll keep your thermostat functioning efficiently. 

#4: Save Time and Money with a Smart Thermostat

If you haven’t yet made the switch to a smart thermostat, there’s never been a better time. There are more smart thermostat options than ever, giving you the power to control your entire HVAC system from your phone or mobile device.

#5: Switch Your Ceiling Fans Each Season

By running your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction during the winter, and counterclockwise in the summer, you’ll be able to send warm air upward to keep your rooms a comfortable temperature.

#6: Weatherize Your Windows and Doors

Your home can lose a lot of cool air through cracks and crevices in your windows and doors. By adding weather stripping to your doors and carefully inspecting your windows for any drafty areas, you’ll make sure you can keep your climate-controlled air where it belongs.

#7: Consider Replacing an Inefficient Unit

If your a/c is more than a decade old, it may be costing you in the form of higher energy bills. Today’s units are designed to provide top performance without using nearly as much electricity, saving you money over time.

#8: Keep Your Vents Open

It can be tempting to close off vents in rarely-used rooms to save energy. But doing this can actually make your a/c run less efficiently. Make sure your vents are open year-round to minimize wear and tear on your unit.

Schedule a Tune-Up

If it’s been a few years since your a/c was properly serviced, look no further than A/C Designs. Our experienced team can thoroughly inspect your unit and take care of any issues before the summer heat arrives. Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.