4 Ways to Optimize Your Home’s Airflow

4 Ways to Optimize Your Home’s Airflow | A/C Designs

Optimizing your home for proper airflow can save you money on energy costs and make your living space more comfortable, yet many people fail to take these simple steps that will improve airflow quality.

Check and replace your air filter regularly

There’s one simple and inexpensive thing that you can do to drastically improve the airflow in your home; changing your air filter on a regular schedule. When filters get clogged with dust and air particles, it severely impacts their ability to do their job properly.

It’s safe to say that most people let way too much time elapse in between filter changes, since manufacturers recommend installing a new one approximately every season (or every three months). You should actually inspect your filter monthly to see if it’s visibly dirty or clogged, and change it as needed.

Check the status of your windows

Older windows can be extremely energy inefficient, especially single-pane designs. However, getting your windows replaced is usually expensive and time-consuming, and might only be worthwhile if your energy bills are unreasonably expensive and you plan to stay in the same house for a long time.

An easier and less expensive way to improve the efficiency of your current windows is to apply weather stripping along the seams which will keep cold air and/or hot air outside and allow you to better regulate your indoor temperature.

Don’t run the HVAC fan when you don’t need it

Some people are tempted to turn their HVAC fan to “on” so it circulates air even when the compressor isn’t running. But this practice actually can be detrimental to the airflow in your home, and it makes the environment inside more humid. Keep your fan switch set to “auto” so it only runs when necessary, and utilize ceiling fans or free-standing fans to circulate air during other times.

Visually inspect the HVAC unit

You may be able to prevent serious issues by visually inspecting your HVAC system on a regular basis. Things to look out for include debris, such as twigs or leaves, that may be causing flow problems. If you hear strange sounds coming from the unit, it’s best to call a professional right away before any potential problems get worse.

If you need to have your HVAC unit serviced by professionals, however, don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule an appointment with A/C Designs today, and one of our experienced techs will ensure that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable home environment for many years to come. We have over a decade worth of experience in serving Jacksonville with better home air quality and airflow.