4 Signs Your Air Quality Could Use Improvement

4 Signs Your Air Quality Could Use Improvement

It’s well-known that, after some time, people tend to go “nose-blind” to certain odors in their home. You may have experienced this phenomenon if you’ve ever returned home from a trip only to wonder, “Is that what my house really smells like all the time?” Unfortunately, poor air quality doesn’t always reveal itself through musty or stale odors, which means that your home’s air quality could be subpar even if your home smells fresh. Here are the top four signs that your home’s air quality could use some improvement.

#1. Guests and/or Household Members Often Get the Sniffles

The change of seasons is prime time for allergy sufferers, which can make it tough to narrow down possible points of allergen exposure. But if you notice that you tend to sneeze or suffer congestion far more at home than you do while at work or in your car, your home’s HVAC system could be harboring millions of microscopic allergens and other sinus-irritating particles.

#2. Chronic Coughs During A/C Season

Often, dust and other particles can settle into your home’s vents and air conditioning system during the winter months. If you’ve noticed that you or any other family members (including pets) begin to develop a bit of a cough during the week or two after you’ve fired up your air conditioner for the first time, a heavy particulate count may be to blame.

#3. You’ve Recently Renovated Your Home or Garage

The fumes from paint, carpet, and new flooring can often seem to fade after just a few hours. But this, like “nose blindness,” is often the result of simply growing used to a particular odor. If you’ve recently performed any home improvements that could have released volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, your home’s air quality may be suffering as a result.

#4. You’re Dusting More Often

Homes in agricultural or industrial-adjacent areas are often vulnerable to the dust and dirt that are generated by farming, heavy mowing, or the use of certain lawn chemicals. If you’ve noticed that you seem to be dusting more frequently than usual, outside particles may be entering your home’s HVAC system and being circulated by your heater or air conditioner.

If any of these signs or symptoms sound familiar, there’s no need for concern. Just contact the HVAC professionals at A/C Designs to schedule a duct cleaning, HVAC tune-up, or one of any number of other services that can improve the quality of your home’s air and your quality of life.