3 Ways to Tell You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

ac designs team

Replacing an air conditioner is never an ideal situation, but neither is a broken down system in the middle of summer, or a unit which consumes far more energy than it should. In some cases, replacement is simply a better option than repairs. When you replace your air conditioning system, you may notice smoother operation, lower bills, and an all-around lower maintenance system. But how do you decide when it’s time to make the switch?

You have made a lot of repairs in recent years

If you find yourself making costly repairs every cooling season, it’s probably about time to make the change. A good rule of thumb: if a repair or replacement part is to cost over half the price of your unit, it’s not worth it. Air conditioning systems work best when all of the original parts are in place and in good condition, so a new system will have a lower risk of breaking down and will perform better.

Your cooling costs are high even with maintenance

Most technicians and manufacturers recommend scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance once each year. Professional AC maintenance helps to lower monthly energy costs and prevent repairs. However, if you schedule air conditioning maintenance and running your unit is still far more expensive than it is for your friends and neighbors, the parts of your unit may be too worn down to go on efficiently. In this case, replacement is ideal, particularly for units over a decade old.

You have had the same unit for well over ten years

For most people, letting go of a large mechanical system seems unnecessary if the unit appears to be operating properly. But if your unit has been around for over a decade, it’s probably not running as well as it could. A breakdown is imminent at some point, and it is a lot more likely to happen around this age. As you near the end of your air conditioner’s lifespan (check with your manufacturer for a more precise timeline), it may be worth it to find an efficient replacement now rather than in the summer, when AC contractors are busy and you will need installation fast.

A professional technician can determine the best course of action for your older system. Call the air conditioning experts at AC Designs Inc. for air conditioning repair or replacement in Jacksonville, FL.