3 Reasons to Choose a Ductless Mini Split System

ac designs team

A ductless mini-split system is an air conditioner (and heater) unlike any other system because, as the name implies, it does not require any ducts. Many homes in our area do not have any ducts in place whatsoever. Or, perhaps you recently added a room on to your home which does not yet have ducts. Instead of adding on ductwork, a process which takes up quite a bit of time, we recommend going with a ductless mini split. Here are 3 reasons to go ductless.

Ducts Can Waste Energy

While you may have the ability to add ducts onto your home or extend the ductwork into your new room addition, this isn’t always the best idea. Ductwork is known to develop leaks which allow conditioned air to leak out and lower the efficiency of your heating and AC system. You essentially pay to heat unoccupied spaces such as the attic or a crawlspace, and your air conditioner must run overtime to make up for this and attempt to cool down your home. Why install ducts when you can go ductless?

Duct Installation Is a Hassle

The fact is that duct installation simply is not a possibility for many homeowners. Often, the construction of the home (or the historic nature of the building) makes duct installation difficult. And where this is a possibility, it is extremely time-consuming, and it’s a major disruption to your life at home. Installing a ductless mini split involves installing an outdoor unit and indoor air handler(s), and connecting them with a refrigerant line and electrical conduit, which only requires a small hole in the wall.

Control Each Zone Individually

To cool an entire home, you need multiple air handlers throughout the house, and you can control each air handler individually since each comes with its own thermostat. This allows everyone in the home to be comfortable in whichever room they go to, and you can shut off air in an unoccupied room to save on cooling costs.

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