3 of the Spookiest A/C Problems & How You Can Solve Them

3 of the Spookiest A/C Problems & How You Can Solve Them

Is your home haunted? Or is it just your a/c? We’re here to debunk three of the most common misconceptions your home experiences during this spooky fall season. 

Doors that Open and Close on Their Own

If a sudden proliferation of randomly opening and closing doors makes your house seem like something out of The Amityville Horror, you could be dealing with variations in air pressure. When your a/c is malfunctioning and moving air through your ducts in an uneven fashion, you could wind up with drastically different air pressures in each room, forcing closed doors open and open doors shut. Generally, doors tend to fly open when positive air pressure within the room is too high, while they shut when the room’s air pressure dips negative.

It can be tough for the average homeowner to figure out the cause of air pressure variations, so this is a task that’s usually best left to an HVAC professional.

Mysterious Puddles on the Ground

Finding a mysterious puddle of liquid in or around your home is rarely a good thing, and when you suspect your a/c is the culprit, you may be worried about a scarily high repair bill. But in many cases, the culprit can be nothing more complicated than a clogged air handler condensate line.

Your air handler is the part of your a/c that directs fresh, hot air into the unit where it can be cooled down. These components are usually located in a basement or crawl space, attic, or interior closet. When dirt, sand, dust, or mold spores enter your air handler, the debris can become lodged in the condensate line, causing your a/c to run longer, produce more condensation, and freeze. Once your frozen a/c shuts off for a few minutes and melts a bit, it can generate large puddles.

Sometimes, you can clean your air handler and clear the condensate line on your own. However, if you don’t feel up to the task or aren’t even sure where your air handler is located, an a/c technician can help.

Hot and Chilly Rooms

No a/c system is perfect, and even a well-functioning system can leave some rooms warmer than others. But if you’re noticing a drastic temperature difference when you walk from room to room—enough to make you wonder whether there’s an otherworldly presence—you could be dealing with any number of a/c problems, from clogged ducts or a dirty air filter to a problem with the fan that circulates cool air. Your best bet is to call an a/c servicing company like A/C Designs to narrow down the issue.

Serving Jacksonville and the surrounding cities, A/C Designs prides itself on the courtesy and professionalism displayed by its expert technicians. Whether you just need an a/c tune-up or are worried you’re dealing with a major issue, we can quickly diagnose your problem and recommend a solution that will work for you. Contact our team to set up an appointment today.