3 Heating Systems to Consider in Jacksonville, FL

ac designs team

You have options to consider when it comes to heating your Jacksonville, FL home. Here are 3 heating systems you can choose from:

  • Gas furnaces. Gas furnaces are the traditional means of warming you home, using natural gas lit by a pilot light to heat air that is then blown through a series of ducts into the different rooms in your home. Gas furnaces often use the same duct system that your air conditioning system does. They’re also comparatively cheap and easy to operate, as well as being familiar to most homeowners.
  • Electric furnaces. Electric furnaces use electricity to heat the air instead of natural gas. Because they have fewer moving parts, they are often quieter than gas furnaces and tend to last a lot longer. They can cost more to operate depending on the price of electricity in your area. They do tend to cost less to install,  and they are great for areas without natural gas lines.
  • Heat pumps. Heat pumps act as a combination of heater and air conditioning: cooling your air in the summer and then using a variation of the same methods to warm your air in the winter. Heat pumps benefit from mild winters like we have her in Jacksonville, FL, and tend to be more efficient than gas furnaces: costing you less in monthly bills. This can help make up for a somewhat more expensive installation cost, saving you money in the long term at the cost of a short-term investment.

For more advice on heating systems to consider in Jacksonville, FL, call upon AC Designs Inc. to help. You’ll be glad you did!