3 Factors That Determine the Right A/C Unit for Your Home

3 Factors That Determine the Right A/C Unit for Your Home

Whether you’re in dire need of a new air conditioner or just interested in investigating your options, you may find the sheer number and variety of a/c models overwhelming. With such an array of choices available, how can you be sure that the a/c you select is going to be the right choice for your home? Take a look at the following three factors you can use to help you settle on the right a/c unit for your home.

#1 Your Home’s Size and Cooling Needs

When researching different systems, you will notice that a/c units are rated by “tons,” with larger-ton boasting a greater cooling capacity than smaller ones. Generally speaking, the larger your home, the larger a/c you’ll need. If a single a/c unit isn’t enough to keep your home cool, you may want to consider a zoned system that allows different parts of your home to be controlled from different units. Even if you have a larger-than-average home, you may not need a larger-than-average air conditioner if you tend to keep the indoor temperature fairly high or if your home is designed in a way as to minimize heat loss. 

#2 The Cost vs. Efficiency Ratio

If your primary consideration is the up-front cost of installing a new unit, you may not have the benefit of the big picture. Opting for an inexpensive and inefficient unit can mean paying more for electricity for the entire life of your unit. Because a/c units often become less efficient over time, getting the cheapest unit possible can end up costing you more money in the long run.

#3 What You Need to Replace

In some cases, it can be tempting to replace only the part of your unit that is malfunctioning. However, by hooking up a brand-new a/c to old or leaky ductwork can mean continuing to deal with inefficiency and poor performance. And in some cases, replacing only a portion of your a/c unit can reduce the life expectancy of the other components.

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