3 Distinctive Features of Commercial HVAC Systems

ac designs team

In principle, commercial HVAC systems don’t differ in any significant way from residential HVAC systems. Both use constantly cycling refrigerant gas to lower the temperature of the air, which can then be blown through the space via a fan and a system of ducts. Here in Orange Park, commercial HVAC systems are a common sight in office buildings and malls, and you might assume that the practical details are the same as they are with residential systems. However, commercial systems have different requirements, and while the basic principles are the same, the specifics can sometimes make them look like very different devices. Here are 3 distinctive features of commercial HVAC systems that you can find on most common makes and models.

  • Higher capacity. Office buildings and other types of business space tend to be much larger than your average home, and thus require a lot more cooling power to keep properly conditioned. Accordingly, commercial air conditioning systems tend to have a lot more power than residential systems and are usually a good deal larger as a result.
  • Modular. At the same time, the specific needs of commercial spaces can change quite often, as old tenants leave and new ones arrive. You can’t simply replace the whole air conditioning system just because a new business has different needs than the old one. Instead, commercial systems adopt a modular approach: adding new AC units onto the existing system as needed and shutting down the old ones when they aren’t needed. It helps the system stay efficient while still meeting the needs of the space.
  • Rooftop placement. Business space is often a priority, which is why you often find commercial HVAC systems on the roof of their building. That necessitates a sturdier construction to fend off the ravages of weather, but frees up space on the property for parking, storage or practical office space.

The distinctive features of commercial HVAC systems mean that you should call upon an installation service with experience in handling them. And in Orange Park, commercial HVAC systems are the purveyance of AC Designs Inc. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and let us show you what we can do!