3 Common A/C Problems and How to Fix Them

3 Common A/C Problems and How to Fix Them

While homeowners in some parts of the country have a long “off-season” to have their a/c repaired or replaced, most Florida residents use their a/c for a significant portion of the year. Because of this, it’s important to diagnose and repair any issues quickly, before they begin to have a serious impact on your unit and home comfort. Take a look at three of the most common a/c problems and how you can fix them.

Problem #1: A/C Won’t Stop Running

If your a/c seems to run around the clock, you’re likely dealing with a thermostat issue. Not only does the thermostat control the temperature of the air the a/c unit produces, but it also measures the room’s ambient air so that it knows when to kick on and reduce the interior temperature.

If the thermostat is incorrectly measuring the room’s temperature it will tell the a/c to keep running until it reaches the “goal” temperature, which may not be possible due to the thermostat irregularities. Fortunately, replacing a thermostat is relatively simple, and often this is all that’s needed to get your a/c back to a more appropriate schedule.

Problem #2: A/C Keeps Freezing Up

If your a/c won’t reliably work due to frozen coils or a frozen condenser unit, you’re probably either low on refrigerant or dealing with a clogged filter.

While an a/c that is freezing due to a lack of refrigerant can seem illogical, low refrigerant levels can make the condenser and coils too cold. When this happens, condensation can form on the outside of the coils, and the conductivity of these metal coils can cause this liquid condensation to turn to ice quickly.

In other cases, a clogged or dirty a/c filter can block airflow, causing the a/c to cycle on and off more frequently and increasing the risk of refrigerant imbalances and frozen coils.

Problem #3: A/C Won’t Produce Cold Air

If your a/c seems to be starting and running but is blowing out only lukewarm air, you’re likely dealing with a low refrigerant level. When refrigerant escapes from the closed-loop system of an a/c, the pressure in this system drops. Eventually, there’s not enough coolant to adequately cool the air flowing through the system. Recharging the system with new refrigerant after checking for any leaks is usually the prescribed course of action.

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