3 Benefits of Scheduling Regular Maintenance for Your Furnace

ac designs team

In St. Augustine, FL, our summers are long and hot, which means homeowners tend to focus on air conditioners without worrying about their furnaces. That, in turn, means that your furnace can suffer from big problems right when you need it the most: faltering during a cold front, or when the winter rains drive the temperatures down. You can prevent that with a regular maintenance from a trained technician, designed to keep your furnace clean and correct big problems while they’re still small.

Here are 3 benefits of scheduling regular maintenance for your furnace:

  • Increased efficiency. Dirty components often suffer from efficiency problems, and dusty moving parts increased friction which can make your furnace work harder. Worn parts and loose bolts do much the same thing. A maintenance visit from a qualified technician can alleviate many of those problems, helping your furnace run more smoothly. In other words, it will save you money on your monthly heating bills.
  • Longer life. Going hand in hand with increased efficiency is a longer lifespan for your furnace. By replacing worn part with newer ones before they become a problem (as well as reducing the wear and tear than grinds down those parts in the first place) you can postpone the day when you have to replace your furnace and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.
  • Reduced repair bills. While a maintenance visit won’t prevent all problems, it can identify them while they’re still fairly small: giving you a chance to get a jump on them when it won’t cost as much to repair them. That’s definitely preferable to simply waiting for the problem to disable the furnace: damaging additional components and requiring more extensive repairs in the process.

For other benefits of scheduling regular maintenance for your furnace or to schedule an appointment, call upon the professionals at AC Designs Inc. to help. We offer furnace service in St. Augustine, FL and the surrounding areas.